“Star Wars” Made Me Want To Be A Filmmaker

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“Star Wars” Made Me Want To Be A Filmmaker


As I enter into another birthday year, I’ve started to reflect on my past and how movies have shaped me as a filmmaker. Every film I watch becomes a building block to the foundation of my abilities as a director, editor and screenwriter. The film that truly opened up my horizons as a filmmaker was none other than the first Star Wars film.

Being a young kid sitting in a huge theater and seeing that opening scene of the Star Destroyer chasing after the Rebel ship blew me away. It unlocked my imagination and fired up my creativity. It showed me that films are more than just stories written on celluloid (or in digital format, nowadays.) ¬†Films can breathe life into stories. They can take you to universes that don’t exist and bend the laws of physics. They can make you believe in lightsabers and laser pistols. They can make you gasp. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. They can make you think. They can make you scared and scream out four-letter words.

Movies are projecting our imagined stories for people to enjoy and share. The original Star Wars trilogy was a breeding ground for my own interest in filmmaking. To see how the people involved harnessed their own creative imaginations to tell these stories made me want to tell my own. Sadly, I didn’t pursue it like I should have when I was younger. I did small video stuff here and there, but nothing on the level I should’ve been doing. I didn’t come out of my comfort zone until later in life. I didn’t take risks or chances that I should’ve taken to make my dreams a reality. I didn’t put in the effort to connect with others to make things happen naturally.

In the last seven years, I’ve found my focus and I’ve started harnessing the passion that lies in my heart and mind. I yearn to make movies and I think with each project I get better and better. With each film, I make more connections with like-minded individuals who are all about creating something that makes an impression on people. Sure, much of the stuff I’ve done so far isn’t the likes of Shakespeare or Godard, but that’s not what I’m aiming for. I make the types of films I would personally enjoy. I make them, because I love telling stories, even if they sometimes involve cannibalism or getting your head exploded. I love having my films screen in a darkened theater to an audience that doesn’t know what is about to hit them. To see them respond in the same way I did as a wee lad: immersed in that wonderful unfolding story on the big screen.

I’m excited for the new Star Wars films that J.J. Abrams is putting together. I have nothing but optimism and positivity towards their goals and in this new birth year, I have the same for my own film projects. 2014 is going to be the beginning of something amazing and as the days go by, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, my opinions and struggles on this site as I move to that next level in my filmmaking journey. I hope you’ll go on that journey with me to a galaxy…far, far away.


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