Good-bye, Robin Williams!!

Posted in Celebrity, Personal by - Aug 11, 2014

The news of Robin Williams’ death as the result of a possible suicide has emotionally struck a major chord with me. Partially due to my own struggles with on-going depression, but also because he has been an integral part of my personal timeline since I was a young kid. His comedy has been my constant companion of sorts over the years.

It all started with TV show “Mork & Mindy” which was released back in 1978. I was a big fan of the show as a precocious 7 year old.

I had a “Mork & Mindy” lunchbox and my parents even bought …

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My Love of Cinematic Framing

Posted in Filmmaking, Personal by - Feb 04, 2014

As a movie lover and filmmaker, I’ve always enjoyed films that have a cool visual flair to them. Some of my favorite directors are auteurs who tell stories in creative and imaginative ways using the camera. Tim Burton, Hitchcock, Park Chan-wook, Paul Thomas Anderson and Sam Raimi are just a few of my favorites, because they always find interesting ways to tell a narrative. Their films inspire me to be a better filmmaker and to work with people who can bring my visual ideas to life. With every film I make, I become braver about utilizing ideas and techniques to …

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“Star Wars” Made Me Want To Be A Filmmaker

Posted in Filmmaking, Personal, Star Wars by - Jan 02, 2014

As I enter into another birthday year, I’ve started to reflect on my past and how movies have shaped me as a filmmaker. Every film I watch becomes a building block to the foundation of my abilities as a director, editor and screenwriter. The film that truly opened up my horizons as a filmmaker was none other than the first Star Wars film.

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