Good-bye, Robin Williams!!

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Good-bye, Robin Williams!!


The news of Robin Williams’ death as the result of a possible suicide has emotionally struck a major chord with me. Partially due to my own struggles with on-going depression, but also because he has been an integral part of my personal timeline since I was a young kid. His comedy has been my constant companion of sorts over the years.

It all started with TV show “Mork & Mindy” which was released back in 1978. I was a big fan of the show as a precocious 7 year old.

I had a “Mork & Mindy” lunchbox and my parents even bought me a pair of rainbow Mork suspenders like the ones he wore on the show.


I also owned a “Nanu-Nanu” decal t-shirt that looked like this:


I really loved his crazy energy playing the alien Mork from Ork, because he reminded me of my own silly and quirky nature. Although it’s more commonplace nowadays to see shows that make improvisation a part of their structure like “Curb your Enthusiasm,” “Mork and Mindy” was was one of the first shows where they wrote the show to incorporate his on-set improv. His talent as an improvisor always blew me away, whether it was on TV, in movies or as a part of his stand-up routines. He was my biggest comedy idol. I looked up to his talent and really wanted to learn how it was so easy for him to come up with a million different funny things at the drop of a hat.

Here’s his first appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” where his improv skills really came into play:

I use to watch his stand-up routines as a teen and loved watching him improvise on the “Comic Relief” charity shows. Here’s one of his classic appearances on the show as one of the hosts:

“Aladdin” is one of my favorite Disney films, mainly because Williams steals the movie with his manic comedic energy and improvisation skills.

Mrs. Doubtfire is another film of his that still makes me laugh to this day. When he commits to a character, he truly commits to it. Plus, he shows a very tender side to the character as well.

He also showed he had the ability to do serious characters like the teacher in “Dead Poet’s Society,” the therapist in “Good Will Hunting” or the darker role of the creepy stalker in “One Hour Photo.”

I feel very heartbroken over the loss of Robin Williams today. Mainly, because I’m just sad to see a talented individual like Robin Williams, who brought so much laughter and humor into this world, die in such a sad and lonely way. We sometimes imagine that if we had lots of money or fame, all of our problems would be solved, but life isn’t as easy as that. Time and time again we find that celebrities like Williams are no different than us. His passing should be a reminder that if you’re depressed or feel down about yourself, you should definitely seek help or talk to someone about it. Don’t internalize your issues. Don’t hide from your problems. I’ve had my own struggles with depression, so I definitely speak from experience.

Fortunately for us, Robin Williams’ creative contributions to this world will live on after his death and I’m very thankful that he has been a fundamental part of my life for so many years. His comedic impression on me will never be forgotten as a performer, improvisor and super talented individual.

Good-bye, my comedic friend or as they say on your planet, “Nanu-Nanu.” RIP.

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